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机械工程学报  2022, Vol. 58 Issue (6): 221-241    DOI: 10.3901/JME.2022.06.221
  可再生能源与工程热物理 本期目录 | 过刊浏览 | 高级检索 |
汤勇1, 于佳栋1, 余树东1,2, 王鑫1, 李宗涛1, 丁鑫锐1, 余彬海1
1. 华南理工大学机械与汽车工程学院 广州 510640;
2. 广东省高分子先进制造技术及装备重点实验室(华南理工大学) 广州 510640
Research Progress and Prospect on Interfacial Solar Vapor Generation System
TANG Yong1, YU Jiadong1, YU Shudong1,2, WANG Xin1, LI Zongtao1, DING Xinrui1, YU Binhai1
1. School of Mechanical and Automobile Engineering, South China University of Technology, Guangzhou 510640;
2. Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratory of Technique and Equipment for Macromolecular Advanced Manufacturing, South China University of Technology, Guangzhou 510640
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摘要 太阳能蒸汽发生是一种通过光热转换过程利用太阳能的可靠、环保、成本低廉的技术,其中界面太阳能蒸汽发生系统以其光热转换、热管理、输水逸汽、外围装置的高度集成以及精细设计的特点,借助微结构光子学、材料改性加工、热结构设计、机械设计等技术,能高效(蒸发效率高)、快速(蒸发速率高)地从块状水体甚至大气中吸取水分并通过太阳能转换的热能产生蒸汽,从而产出淡水、无机盐和能量。界面太阳能蒸汽发生技术以其广阔应用前景吸引了学者们的研究兴趣。本综述介绍了界面太阳能蒸汽发生系统的工作原理与组成材料;按光热转换、热管理、疏水逸汽等部分从宏微观结构设计角度总结了设计、优化策略;通过介绍具体的应用展示了界面太阳能蒸汽发生系统的外围装置;最后总结了界面太阳能蒸汽发生系统的研究进展并对其未来发展进行了展望。
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关键词 光蒸汽界面太阳能蒸汽发生光热转换微结构光子学    
Abstract:Solar vapor generation is a reliable, environmentally friendly, inexpensive technology making use of solar energy by photothermal conversion progress. Photothermal conversion, heat management, water transport and vapor escape are integrated and finely designed for interfacial solar vapor generation (ISVG). With the aid of microstructural photonics, material modification, thermal structure design, mechanical design, ISVG system can absorb salty, polluted bulk water or even vapor from atmosphere and evaporate it to produce fresh water, mineral salt, energy efficiently and fast. ISVG technology has aroused great interest among researchers and made substantial progress. The working mechanism and component materials of ISVG system are briefly introduced. Macro/microstructure design and optimization strategies of photothermal conversion, heat management, water transport, and vapor escape are summarized. The peripherals of ISVG are shown by introducing detailed applications. Finally, the conclusions and outlook of ISVG are summarized.
Key wordssolar vapor    interfacial solar vapor generation    photothermal conversion    microstructural photonics
收稿日期: 2020-10-12      出版日期: 2022-05-19
ZTFLH:  TK513  
通讯作者: 余树东,男,1991年出生,博士。主要研究方向为光学微结构设计制造。   
作者简介: 汤勇,男,1962年出生,博士,教授,博士研究生导师。主要研究方向为表面功能结构加工、微纳制造等。;于佳栋,男,1996年出生。主要研究方向为光学微结构设计制造。
汤勇, 于佳栋, 余树东, 王鑫, 李宗涛, 丁鑫锐, 余彬海. 界面太阳能蒸汽发生系统的研究进展与展望[J]. 机械工程学报, 2022, 58(6): 221-241.
TANG Yong, YU Jiadong, YU Shudong, WANG Xin, LI Zongtao, DING Xinrui, YU Binhai. Research Progress and Prospect on Interfacial Solar Vapor Generation System. Journal of Mechanical Engineering, 2022, 58(6): 221-241.
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